Best Chocolate Pinata Cake in Singapore

Best Chocolate Pinata Cake in Singapore

Best Chocolate Pinata Cake in Singapore (Heart Shape)

3 Reasons to have a Pinata Cake

  1. Fun-filled Experience - There's nothing quite like getting a chance to smash your cake and having so much fun at it too!
  2. Suprise with a thoughtful message - For gender reveals, or proposals, a pinata cake help to keep your messages safe till it's everyone is ready! Once the message is revealed, it makes for a great photo opportunity!
  3. Make your gift extra special with personalized decorations - Looking for a way to spice up your gifts? We provide customized letterings and even photo printing options to include within your chocolate pinata cake to make your birthday surprise even more memorable.

What is a Pinata Cake?

Pinatas are often made of papier-mâché or colored paper that is decorated, then filled with candy (and sometimes confetti). They are then broken as part of a birthday celebration. Pinatas are commonly associated to a Mexican tradition and to date, many of the children’s piñata made today are produced in Mexico.

Pinata Cakes were eventually popularized by creative restaurant chefs offering unique dessert options as part of surprise birthday celebrations. Most are made of Hard Chocolate External with edible gifts or candies within the Chocolate Pinata Shell.

All piñata cakes at Rainbowly include our signature Chocolate Coated Strawberries instead of traditional candies. Our pinatas are then beautifully decorated depending on the occasion, with the option to include personalized writing on top of the pinata.

Pinata cakes are a delicious way to celebrate any occasion. They are ideal for surprise birthday parties, anniversaries, and anytime you want to include small gifts or messages in a creative way.

It’s hard to resist the temptation of smashing a chocolate pinata cake. It's an adult’s dream come true! Enjoy your cake and have fun while you're at it too!