Luxury Cash Money Flower Bouquet | Same day gift delivery |

Luxury Cash Money Flower Bouquet | Same day gift delivery |

About Money Bouquet in Singapore

Looking for a luxurious gift beyond traditional flower bouquets? Money flower bouquets or Cash bouquets might be the perfect gift for your special occasion. Since gaining popularity on social media in Singapore, banknote bouquets have been a gift of choice both for ladies and gentlemen alike. Whether you're sending cash bouquets to a partner, or your parents, they are "almost" sure to keep it. 

5 reasons to gift money flower bouquets

  1. Thoughtful Alternative
    9 in 10 shoppers make last-minute gift purchases. Many are simply too occupied to take the time to decide between the many gift ideas. Between close friends, some may even just decide to make a "fund transfer" and call it a gift. If you're already considering gifting cash, choose a money flower bouquet over a fund transfer makes for a thoughtful, novel, and creative option. 

    P.S. Every purchase with us comes with a complimentary gift card which helps translate your best wishes into words too! 

  2. Make an Impression
    Most girls enjoy receiving flower bouquets. But when was the last time she received one made out of cash? Yep. Never. Not yet. 

  3. Practical 
    Looking for a practical gift option for her? It's likely that she's going to have use for the money bouquet. Not sure what would be a good gift for him? He's definitely going to accept your money flower bouquet. Running out of ideas this mother's day or father's day celebration? You can't go wrong with our banknote flower bouquet. Giving cash to a child? Watch their eyes go wide seeing our money bouquet. 

  4. Instagram / Social Media Worthy
    Rainbowly strives towards providing photo-worthy gifts that promise to surprise and delight your loved ones. Our money bouquets are crafted with the same level of attention to detail. Every banknote bouquet is carefully designed and for almost a decade, we've handcrafted stylish modern bouquets that your recipient would love. 

  5. Quirky Good Fun
    If you know someone who knows how to have a good time and enjoy "unusual" gifts, this is it! The best part about sending these beautiful money flower bouquets to your loved ones is seeing them in a dilemma; would you spend it, or would you save it? 
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