Preserved Flower Bouquets | Everlasting Flowers

Preserved Flower Bouquets | Everlasting Flowers

Preserved Flower Bouquets (Dried / Everlasting Flower)

Preserved flowers are gaining popularity all over the world as a great alternative to fresh blooms in the floral industry. They make for exceptional centrepiece floral arrangements display and the best part; they last forever. 

5 reasons to choose Preserved Flower Bouquets

  1. Long-Lasting (Literally, an Everlasting gift) With proper care, and the right environment, most dried or preserved flowers can last up to 3 years! (Even if your recipient is the sort who has trouble keeping a cactus alive, dried or preserved flowers will still last a year or two) Show your everlasting love with these flower arrangements!

  2. Low Maintenance (Or more like NO maintenance) No watering, no cutting of stems, no need for sunlight, no need for fertilizers, no need for clean air. Okay, you get the point. 

  3. Allergy-Free One of the biggest challenges about sending fresh flowers is the worry that one might actually be allergic to them. Statistics show that 20% of people are actually allergic to pollen. Should you spoil the surprise by asking ahead? Or take the risk? No, my friend. You should be considered Preserved Flower Bouquets that are pollen-free. 

  4. Perfect Blend every Season  Preserved flower choices are available all year round (not limited to seasonal blooms). Especially if you are looking for red roses, we chose the best, the prettiest, the most wonderful, so you don't have to decide. You can thank us later. 

  5. Combine with Essential Oil Do you know people who are obsessed with essential oils? They can now pair it up with our preserved flowers and dried flower bouquets and enjoy a pretty display that calms the senses. 

    P.S. Did you know that you can add any of these preserved flowers to any of our Signature Fruit Arrangements?

    P.P.S Are you still looking for a novel alternative? Check out our latest Money Flower Bouquet that is sure to make an impression today!

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