Balloon Flower Bouquet & Gift Delivery Singapore

Balloon Flower Bouquet & Gift Delivery Singapore

Balloon Flower Bouquet & Balloon Sculpture Gift Delivery in Singapore

What are Balloon Flower Bouquets?

Balloon flower bouquets and balloon clusters are typically terms used to describe a bunch of helium balloons arranged together forming a “bouquet. These are mostly used for decoration purposes.

Balloon Flower bouquets are sometimes made using real flowers (usually roses) stuffed within a round balloon and then wrapped with craft paper much like traditional flower bouquets.
Balloon flower bouquets or balloon flower sculptures can also be specially handcrafted sculptures you see below, made with special 260 balloons. Each design is handmade and artfully arranged similar to flower arrangements by a professional balloonist.

Why Balloon Flower Bouquets make the perfect gift

Balloons naturally make for a great photo opportunity and are a fun quirky alternative to traditional flower bouquets or even preserved flower bouquets. For the longest time, balloons are a symbol of joy and make for a perfect surprise gift to bring a smile to your loved ones.

Balloons flower bouquets also make for an ideal gift for all ages, and all occasions. Adults brighten up at the sight of these vibrant colours, and they are perfect for birthday parties, as get-well-soon gifts, or just to cheer up a friend.

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