Fresh Fruit Gift Box | Edible Gift

Fresh Fruit Gift Box | Edible Gift

Edible Fruit Gift Boxes with Delivery in Singapore!

Why Should You Order an Edible Gift Fruit Box?

Edible fruits boxes are a tasty and healthy gift. Ordering online at Rainbowly is fuss free with same day delivery options right to your door step. These fruit boxes contain delicious and healthy fruits which can be eaten immediately or stored in the fridge for later consumption.

Rainbowly Fruit boxes offer your recipient a fresh and nutritious snack made with fresh fruits as the main all-natural ingredients. We offer a variety of fruit boxes some featuring creative chocolate dipped designs and others with a variety of different whole fruits to help anyone maintain a balanced diet!

The fruit in these boxes will also help to reduce the sugar intake as it is more natural than processed snacks such as chips or cookies.

Most of our Edible fruit boxes do not need any additional preparation which makes them convenient for work from home recipients who want to stay healthy with no fuss and no hassle!

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