Who We Are

Founded in 2013, Rainbowly was started on a core value of Quality. All the ingredients that go into our edible bouquets are imported and are of the highest qualities. What? Edible bouquets?
Yes! Despite being a fresh addition to the booming floral industry in Singapore, it is Rainbowly ’s specialisation in Fresh fruit bouquetand Chocolate dipped strawberries that distinguishes us. We are innovative pioneers who offer Fresh fruit bouquets so delectable, you would not bear to eat them...even though you actually can!
Curious as to how our buds first sprouted? Read on!
Rainbowly Brand
Rainbowly is founded in our home of lovely little red dot, Singapore. Rainbowly currently only have 1 franchise brand in Thailand and we are not affiiated to them since 2018. Rainbowly does not have any branches or affiliations in China. Rainbowly reserves the right to pursue any legal actions against copyright issues and frauds.