Sweet Pink - Everlasting Flower Charm Keychain (Real Preserved Roses and Dried Flowers Charm for Bags)


Sweet Pink - Everlasting Flower Charm Keychain (Real Preserved Roses and Dried Flowers Charm for Bags)

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The perfect fashion accessory for your loved one! This one-of-a-kind everlasting preserved flower charm is beautiful to look at, and made of real quality dried roses! Carry a symbol of delight wherever you go today!

More than just a touch of beauty these everlasting flower bag charms are made to last! Get an exquisite accompanying gift to compliment any of our fruit flower bouquets and arrangements! 

With the growing demand for everlasting and preserved dried flowers, these flower charms make carrying around a symbol of delight a joy to have! 

1 x Gift Bag
1 x Gift Box with Gold Ribbon (As seen in Image)
1 x Flower Charm

  • Beautiful light-catching bag flower charm 

  • A stunning piece to impress and a fine touch to any handbag as a flower keychain!

  • Show it off to your heart's content without worrying about wilting or dying.

  • The perfect floral keychain accessory to attach to all your hand-carry! 

  • A one-of-a-kind, everlasting keepsake keychain that will never die.

  • No need for special care - it's always beautiful and stays fresh.

  • The clear display keychain flower charm makes it stunning to look at

Why Choose Preserved Flower Charms?

 LONG LASTING  Most dried or preserved flowers can last up to 3 years.

 LOW MAINTENANCE  No need for watering, care or trimming of stems.

 ALLERGY FREE  Dried or preserved flowers have no pollen so it doesn't trigger common allergies.

 BEAUTIFUL COLORS  Preserved flowers are colourful all year round (not limited to seasons) 

✓ BRING JOY EVERYWHERE  – Unlike flower bouquets, flowers charms can be brought anywhere and everywhere you go!

How to care for my everlasting preserved flower charm?

Store away from strong sunlight and damp areas, dried flower bouquets can be kept for up to 1-2 years. Flower charms can last much longer as they are sealed within acrylic cases. 

  1. No watering is required! It would do more harm than good to the delicate rose and flowers!
  2. Store away from strong sunlight and damp areas. With proper placement, the bouquet will last at least 1 - 2 years. 
  3. Clear off dusty bouquet over time using a soft brush or use a hairdryer with low power setting to blow off dirt & dust collected over time. 

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Additional Information:

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