Balloon Flower Bouquet with Butterfly and Lollipop


Balloon Flower Bouquet with Butterfly and Lollipop

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Balloon Flower Bouquet Arrangement with Butterfly and Lollipop

What's better than gifting colourful vibrant flower arrangements? One that comes with butterfly and loliop!

Chrome balloons are the latest trend. They provide a sense of comfort, companionship and it is heartening to look. Our adorable balloon flower arrangements will definitely brighten up anyone receiving it.

Available for same-day deliveries, whatever the occasion, these cheerful balloon flower arrangements are sure to put a smile on your face, delivered straight to your door. 

Every piece is hand-made and specially designed by our in-house artisan. You'll never find another quite like it! 

Still, need more reasons to gift these amazing happy gifts? 


 INSTAGRAM WORTHY  Our Balloon Flower Bouquet offer the perfect photo opportunity for friends and family!

 QUIRKY GOOD FUN  Bright and colourful, balloons are a symbol of joy and celebrating good times. 

 UNIQUE & MEMORABLE – A memorable gift that's perfect to accompany along with any of our fresh fruit arrangements! When was the last time you received handcrafted balloon sculptures? 

✓ ONE OF A KIND  – Every balloon flower bouquet or teddy sculpture is handcrafted, and is truly one of a kind!


25 - 30 cm tall by 10-15cm (botttom), 20-25cm (top) width. 
Air-filled balloon can last 2 - 3 days under air-conditioned environment, and will start losing air while keeping it's shape. 

This colourful and balloon flower bouquet brings a spark to your loved ones! Suprise them for any occasion or Just because! 

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