Corporate Gift - Mini Watermelon Cake | Fruit Cake with Fresh Fruits Arrangements (Vegan Friendly Cake)(1 week Pre-Order)


Corporate Gift - Mini Watermelon Cake | Fruit Cake with Fresh Fruits Arrangements (Vegan Friendly Cake)(1 week Pre-Order)

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This 1st and Only All Natural Watermelon Cake in Singapore is simply the perfect summer gift for anyone you love! The all-vegan watermelon cake is created for all looking for sinful cake alternatives as part of a healthy balanced diet. It's popular with the health-conscious and decorated with premium seasonal picks such as fresh naked strawberries, black fig, grapes, blackberries and blueberries, all artfully arranged as a beautiful Watermelon Cake. A unique gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, and more! Order a treat you don't have to feel guilty about finishing!

 MADE FRESH DAILY – Artfully arranged with premium seasonal fruit picks for an impressive display

 INSTAGRAM WORTHY – Be prepared to show up at your next event with cake that everybody will be wanting to snap a picture of!

 HEALTHIER CHOICE – Love cakes, but holding off on sinful treats? Well here's your chance to enjoy a healthier alternative.

 5 STAR REVIEWS  Rave reviews on Google, Facebook and on Product Page! 

✓ ALL NATURAL / VEGAN FRIENDLY  – Effortlessly elegant and classy without the sugar, gluten, and other artificial ingredients. All natural fruit cake!

Bouquet Size and Serving:

Mini 2 Tiers Watermelon Cake:
8cm Width by 6cm Height
(Recommended for 1 pax)


  • Seasonal fresh fruits
  • Watermelon

Add On Options:

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Additional Information

  • Rainbowly reserves the right to replace any item on the watermelon cake with another of equivalent value depending on availability.
  • Bouquet pot may vary slightly based on availability.
  • For last minute/ same day orders, please email or Whatsapp us to check for availability before placing your order. We are always here to help!
  • Visit our Facebook and Instagram for more photos! @rainbowlysg

About Fruit Cakes

Watermelon Cake & Fruit Cakes Delivery in Singapore

Why are Fruit Cakes popular in Singapore?

Fruit cakes are typically sponge cakes made with fresh-cut fruits as decorations around the cake, usually with fresh milk cream. There are also some that are baked, containing dried fruit and typically covered with marzipan or almond dacquoise.

Fruit cakes are popular in Singapore because many take them as healthier choice cake options, especially when compared with chocolate or cream cakes. They are often served at weddings, birthdays, and other festive occasions.

Among a wide variety of fruit cakes in Singapore, banana cakes & carrot cakes sometimes made with sultanas, glacé cherries, walnuts, and brown sugar are the most popular. These are even more searched for compared to chocolate cakes.

The top 3 brands offering fruit cakes are:

  1. Polar Cakes (Halal option)
  2. Chateraise (Japanese Quality Cakes)
  3. Prima Deli 

What is Rainbowly's Watermelon Cake?

Rainbow's Watermelon Cake is actually a fresh fruit arrangement made with watermelon base, designed to look like traditional tier cakes.

It is our take on a vegan-friendly cake alternative for many of our prospects. There is no flour, eggs, rose scented cream or sugar used. Everything is all-natural and put artfully put together by our fruit artist.

The bulk of the cake is made with freshly cut watermelon. It's decorated with premium seasonal picks such as fresh juicy strawberries, black fig, grapes, blackberries, and blueberries, all artfully arranged. It makes for a unique gift for birthdays, anniversaries, mother's day, and more! Certainly a treat you don't have to feel guilty about finishing!

Are watermelon cakes or fruit cakes suitable for children or the elderly?

Watermelons are a popular fruit dessert for both children and the elderly. They are refreshing and can be easily available. There're many health benefits to having watermelons! Aside from keeping us hydrated (watermelon comprises 92% water), watermelons are packed with nutrients and beneficial plant compounds including vitamins A and C. It's also relatively low in calories, suitable for both children and the elderly.

It's no secret that cakes are typically high in sugar content, and a single slice of fruit cake can have a little over 26 grams of finely ground sugar. Comparatively, our All-Natual Watermelon Cake has 5 times less sugar. Without having to worry about processed ingredients used in traditional fruit cakes, our Watermelon Cakes tend to be be more suitable for children and the elderly.

What makes a Good Fruit Cake?

If you are down on enjoying the special occasion with a sinful treat, what exactly makes for a good fruit cake?

Generally, a good fruit cake should be light and fluffy. It's also a bonus if it has a good balance of fruits and colors! Most people prefer fruit cakes not to be too sweet or creamy.

Strawberry / Watermelon / Fruit Cake Recipe

Looking to make your own? Check out a whole recipe list @ BBC Fruit Cake Recipies

From easy-to-follow along with recipies that you can do under an hour to restaurant standard festive cakes, there's something for everyone.

What Is the Average Price and Delivery Time for Fruit Cakes in Singapore?

Prices can vary depending on serving sizes. While most stores keep ready stocks of their fruit cakes (2 - 3 days), online orders from smaller bakeries generally offer fresher bakes. Pre-orders will usually be 3 - 7 days in advance.

Here for a fuss-free birthday fruit cake with delivery option?

Rainbow All Natural Watermelon Cakes are available for same-day deliveries. Aside from being a healthier choice, our watermelon cakes are Instagram-worthy and truly one of a kind. You will never find another one like it! Order today to surprise and impress your loved ones with our Watermelon Fruit Cakes!

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