Luxurious Jumbo Rose Balloon Flower Bouquet


Luxurious Jumbo Rose Balloon Flower Bouquet

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Chrome Balloon Rose Bouquet - Jumbo Size

Get ready to make jaws drop with our Luxurious Jumbo Balloon Rose Flower Bouquet! Crafted with creativity and made with precision, this one-of-a-kind balloon sculpture is designed to impress and make heads turn. Each rose measures at approxmiately 30 cm in diameter and the entire bouquet is more than a meter large. Made with stunning chrome balloons, the balloon flower bouquet exudes elegance and beauty like no other. Perfect for any occasion, this gift truly makes an unforgettable impression. Its shiny colors and classy design will make every photo Instagram-worthy. Don't settle for ordinary when your loved ones can have an extraordinary Luxurious Jumbo Balloon Rose Flower Bouquet today!


 INSTAGRAM WORTHY  Features jumbo-sized balloon roses that make a grand statement and guarantee a smile. Our Balloon Flower Bouquet offers the perfect photo opportunity for friends and family!

 QUIRKY GOOD FUN  The beautiful chrome color combination adds a touch of sophistication and elegance and are a symbol of joy and celebrating good times. 

 UNIQUE & MEMORABLE – A memorable gift that's perfect to accompany along with any of our fresh fruit arrangements! When was the last time you received hand crafted balloon sculptures? 

✓ ONE OF A KIND  – Every balloon flower bouquet sculpture is handcrafted, making it a one-of-a-kind gift that will make a lasting impact.


25 - 30 cm in diameter per rose, bouquet stands at 90 - 110cm 
Air-filled balloon can last 1-2 days under air-conditioned environment. 

This beautiful and elegant chrome balloon flower bouquet brings a spark to your loved ones! They are perfect for wedding proposals, wedding day celebration, Valentines, or just because! 

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