Fresh Fruit Platter Delivery Singapore

The Best Fresh Cut Fruit Platters Delivered to Your Home in Singapore

What are Fresh Fruit Platters?

The term "platter" typically refers to a display on a large flat dish or plate. In general, fresh fruit platters are simply a way of displaying of fresh fruits. A display can be in any shape, size, or form. Here at Rainbowly, most of our fresh fruit arrangements are creatively arranged in pots, towers or boxes. 

3 reasons for Rainbowly Fresh Fruit Arrangements Platters

A fruit platter is the perfect gift for anyone. It's a thoughtful edible gift that can suit any dietary requirements. Here're 3 reasons why Rainbowly fresh fruit platters will make for the perfect gift for any occassion. 

1. Healthier Choice Edible Fruit Gift

Studies show that eating fresh fruits and vegetables help regulate the appetite, which can result in less snacking and fewer calories consumed. Compared to cookies, chips or cakes, our fresh fruit platters are all natural with no preservatives added. 

2. Convenient Washed & Freshly Prepared Cut Fruits

All our fruits are freshly washed, prepared and ready to eat! Our pineapple daisies, cut apples and orange wedges are all ready to eat! No fuss, no hassle, just unwrap and enjoy! 

Eating a variety of colors of fruits and vegetables provides the body with more nutrients than limiting to a single fruit. Choosing the most colorful fruit arrangement options will help make sure that your body get all the vitamins you need! 

3) Instagram Worthy Centerpiece 

Looking for the best looking fruit platter to impress your friend or dinner guests? Check out the variety of fresh fruit platter arrangements that is guarantee to be a centerpiece highlight at your dinner table! 


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